For building permit applications made on or after Jan. 1, 2012, for buildings governed by Part 9 of Division B, the proposed construction must conform to the enhanced energy efficiency requirements of Ontario’s Building Code.

An acceptable solution is to use one of the appropriate compliance packages described in the Supplementary Standard SB-12 for houses available for review at

A simple way to make sure your design complies click on this link for an interactive compliance tool at

The higher R values required by SB12 can result in thicker walls that eat away at your usable floor space.

Building Resource Inc. represents a number of products that offer high R value per inch allowing you to comply without sacrificing space.

  • BASF Walltite V3 Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam can be applied in between framing or as an insulation over the exterior sheathing (“ci” or
    Continuous Insulation). Walltite provides the highest R value (R6.2 to 6.55 per inch) of any ccSPF, can eliminate the need for venting and/or a
    separate vapour barrier, and is listed as an “Air Barrier System” by CCMC.
  • Atlas Energyshield Polyisocyanurate Insulated Sheathing is available in thicknesses of ½ inch to 3.5 inches and provides an R value of R6.5 per inch.