AirOutshield Roof™

Breathable Underlayment for sloped roofs

A triple layer, spun bonded polypropylene, water resistant, breathable underlayment for sloped roofs.

As a secondary drainage plane under the roofing systems including metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar, clay tile and other systems that require an underlayment.
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  • High rate of breathability – Allows moisture within the roof system to dry rapidly, thereby enabling insulation to perform and reducing potential for mould, mildew, rot, and metal corrosion.
  • Water Resistant -Precipitation that enters the roof system is quickly routed away before it can damage insulation and other components.
  • Durable -Tear, rip and puncture resistant reducing repairs and labour costs.
  • Polypropylene -Provides superior resistance to the high temperatures typical of dark coloured roofing systems.
  • UV Resistant-can be installed and left exposed for up to 4 months allowing construction to proceed efficiently.