Lido Wall Systems

By utilizing an acrylic stucco Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), our wall finishing solutions are the preferred industry choice, with greater design flexibility to suit every design consideration. EIFS is also one of the most energy-efficient wall systems available.

Lido manufactures and assembles their EIFS at a their plant in Concord, Ontario.
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  • Lightweight design which imposes minimal loads to structure reducing structural costs
  • No thermal breaks in exterior envelope
  • Two stage caulking joint, fire-stopping and smoke seal included in panel installation
  • Integral air moisture barrier included with each panel
  • Mechanical sleeves and electrical boxes can be installed during panel fabrication ensuring a waterproof seal
  • Over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of exterior wall panels
  • Lido panels are designed as a rainscreen system and thus meet the intent of the OAA Pro-Demnity requirements
  • Lido panels provide continuous insulation up to an R24 as required by the OBC 2006 SB-10
  • Lido panel steel framing fabrication in plant is certified to CSA W47.1-92 Standards and welders certified to CSA W178.2-1990 Standards